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Month: August 2016

The Journey

The Journey

We know the word “JOURNEY” is the act from traveling from one place to another. In life this is true as a Fitness prospective as well. It continues to be a journey from day to day. You may have a goal to get in better shape, run a 5k or a marathon, climb mount Everest. I have the blessing to help others reach this destination by sharing tips and goals to help you reach them. I am listing a few tips that have helped me reach several destinations and I hope they will help you as well.

1) Journal the journey….I can still go back and look when I met Oprah Winfrey, where I set a goal to run my first marathon or where I started writing memories to look back on, whether it was good or bad training days

2) This Journey is for me..Make this about you, I am doing this for me and not anyone else! This is my Journey!  Start by setting small goals, I want to lose a dress size or drop 5% body fat. Remember this is a life style change for many, don’t wait till it’s too late

3) This Journey will not happen overnight-this is why it is important to look at how long you have been in this same holding pattern. Set small attainable goals that are attainable, not the ones, I am going to run a half marathon this month and you have even started training

4) Reward my Journey..when you reach a goal, reward yourself with a new pair of shoes or something that you have been saving for. Food is not a reward; food is to be used for a healthier lifestyle an enjoyment but in moderation

5) Savor this journey…Be proud of the victory, share it with others (social media loves victories) and except praise! Be kind by sending Thank you to friends

“Crush your journey”